A YouTuber with the handle ‘Hyphaistos3672’ has uploaded a video of an iPhone 12 mini with dual charging ports.


Instead of replacing the iPhone 12’s Lightning port, the YouTuber revealed an iPhone ‘TwinPort’ device and added a USB-C connection at the bottom. In the video, the iPhone 12 mini was disassembled, wired up a USB-C charging option to existing hardware, and created a hole. It was then reassembled and tested for functionality.


The modified iPhone 12 mini ports were then tested if they would have iTunes, and it worked. Those who are interested can watch the official video on the user’s YouTube channel. It’s a timely topic now that Apple is faced with a huge fine if it didn’t switch to USB-C charging as ordered by the European Union. Regulators in India intend to follow suit, and this could ultimately mean that the Cupertino-based company will have to conform to USB-C standards for all its future iPhone models.


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