‘Everyday Experiments’ shot on iPhone 12 video released

Apple has uploaded a new video for its ‘Shot on iPhone’ series entitled ‘Everyday Experiments’.

The video highlights the capture capabilities of the newest iPhone 12 and showcases everyday objects such as frozen popsicles, moving liquids, balloons filled with water and more. At the second part of the video, a tutorial on how to capture everyday stuff with the iPhone 12 is provided.

The video explains in detail how to use the slo mo feature and water balloons to create slow motion animations. In another, the viewer is told how to shoot psychedelic themed videos using water, oil and food coloring. Lastly, the viewer is treated to night time shots using glow sticks.

The features used in the ‘Everyday Experiments’ includes Night Mode, Dolby Vision HDR, slo mo and time lapse, with edits being done in iMovie.

Apple has already released several ‘Everyday Experiments’ videos but it’s the first to feature a tutorial

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