iFixit Shows iPhone 11 Pro Teardown on YouTube

iFixit has hosted a live teardown of the newest iPhone 11 Pro on YouTube. To those who are interested in what the iPhone looks like when it’s being disassembled bit by bit, now’s your chance to watch without having to do the same thing to your device.

The teardown video went live 9:30 am PST, with the video taking about an hour or so from start to finish. What’s different in the iPhone 11 lineup were the battery connectors in the Pro model (a notable first in an iPhone), different cable routing, waterproofing and adhesive techniques, the display and Face ID arrangement, and more. The repair guys shared a few comparisons in schematics and hardware to the last-gen models, including the iPhone XS and XS Max.

iFixit’s next target is the iPhone 11 Pro, which it plans to tear down to reveal the innards. The video is expected to be shared today as well.

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