iFixit Uploads new iPhone 13 teardown videos

iFixit recently went live and showed an online video of the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13, as well as a deconstruction of the Apple devices.

The live presentation took over an hour and showed the internals of the newly released iPhones. Inside the smartphones were smaller Taptic engines, with the iPhone 13 Pro having a smaller logic board compared to the iPhone 13. The Pro version also had a larger camera module and an L-shaped battery.

In terms of battery capacity it was revealed that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the biggest at 4,352 mAh, quickly followed by the iPhone 13 at 3,227 mAh and the iPhone 13 Pro at 3,095 mAh. The iPhone mini was the last at 2,406 mAh.

The then-live video showed a deconstructed iPhone 13 but not all details have been disclosed. iFixit plans to release a more in-depth teardown which should shed light on the components and design Apple used for its flagship phones.

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