In-depth review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera surface online

Austin Mann, a renowned photographer has updated his page to show reviews of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera capabilities.

The review compares the iPhone 12 camera, which is markedly different for every model. For instance, the Pro Max has a different telephoto lens and larger sensors.

iPhone 12 Pro Max image taken of a dog.

In most lighting conditions the photographer notes that the difference between the Pro and Pro Max version is barely perceptible. In semi low light scenes, however the Pro model required two more seconds of recording compared to the Pro Max’s one second, resulting in better quality for the latter.

iPhone 12 Pro takes image of trees

In very low light scenes Mann mentioned that the Pro Max had the edge as its telephoto lens can zoom further due to its minimum shutter speed and longer focal length.

Overall, the iPhone 12 phones proved impressive due to greater imaging capability, and users would thoroughly enjoy the experience of the phone’s new camera.

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