iOS 14 Back Tap feature changes the iPhone

Apple has introduced a new feature on the iPhone that very likely not many may have noticed. The company released its latest operating system for the iPhone iOS 14 and along with it came a new feature named ‘Back Tap’.

Back Tap is an innovation from Apple that works as a fusion of the hardware and the software. The company has also emphasised on the advantage it has by making both the hardware and the software, and this right here is one example. 

Closing Apps on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

A new touch sensitive back

The Back Tap essentially turns the entire back of the iPhone into a touch input supported area. Users will be able to double tap or triple tap to perform specific actions. Apple may not have reached a level of sophistication with this feature as there has been no talk about it and also the setting to enable this feature is buried in Settings->Accessibility. 

When the Back Tap feature is enabled, users will be able to set the type of task they’d like the iPhone to perform when double tapped or triple tapped on the back of the iPhone. Some of the options are opening Control Center, Notification Center, Siri, any Siri Shortcut, and more.

Using Siri on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

The Shortcuts app when launched was praised by tech reviewers and users alike. By enabling the Back Tap feature, users will be able to use the functionality of the Shortcuts app to perform new tasks with unfathomable ease. While actually using the feature is not very intuitive, it seems like a great window to the future with more support for gestures.

Google has also toyed with a very similar idea to implement tap feature on the back of Android phones, however the company has reportedly ditched the project altogether. If you own an iPhone, it’s worth checking out the Double Tap feature right now – you might find it useful or utterly useless.