iOS 16 Lock screen feature makes iPhone ‘More Personal’, according to Federighi


Craig Federighi, Apple Software Engineering VP recently went on an interview with TechRadar and talked about the new Lock Screen feature on iOS 16.


Federighi mentioned that the updated lock screen was an ‘act of love’ and was designed to make the iPhone more personal. Apple will be introducing the feature so iPhone users could choose beyond the built-in wallpapers- Federighi, along with VP of Design Alan Dye said that the company’s next venue in its multi-act play was the iOS lock screen.

Dye mentioned that his team wanted to create something that looks like a film poster or magazine cover, and it had to be something that’s fun and simple to create, even with automation. Furthermore, the magazine ‘elements’ had to intersect with others.

Machine learning would then tweak the image and present the user with a selection of looks rather than filters. Federighi says that the team is optimistic that the public will like the feature when it comes out.

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