iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 lead Apple Q2 US sales

The second quarter saw the iPhone 11 dominating the sales charts, while iPhone 12s get a massive 61 percent share combined.

In March 2021 the iPhone 11 garnered an impressive 24 percent of US sales from Apple. The factor on why it was the dominant model seems to stem from the $599 price tag and large screen.

After the iPhone 11 the four iPhone 12 models were next, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 leading the way. 20 percent of the sales is attributed to the iPhone 12 Pro Max mainly due to the larger screen.

iPhone 12

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners Josh Lowitz mentioned how consumers wanted full-size smartphones over the smaller ones, including the iPhone SE and iPhone mini.

The iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini’s sales did not improve in the second quarter, with reports that it has been underperforming. Meanwhile, average sale price is up from $795 to $847.

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