iPhone 11 Highlights New Cameras and Night Mode


Apple’s newest iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 feature an upgraded camera system that flaunt new capabilities, including an improved Night Mode.

iPhone 11 New Cameras Night Mode

Night Mode works without flash and can produce bright, natural photos even in low light conditions. A new component that’s lacking in the previous iPhones is the wide camera sensor.

New Cameras and Night Mode

It’s automatically activated as needed, and Apple has explained that instead of taking one photo, the camera takes multiple shots and uses optical image stabilization. The software aligns the images, eliminates blurry sections and combines sharper images while adjusting contrast and color to make it look natural. Details are added and noise reduction is applied before the final image is shown.

Other camera modes, such as ultra-wide angle, wide and telephoto angles are also shown off. All of the iPhone 11 models have Portrait Lighting, Smart HDR and Portrait Mode.

The new iPhone models will go live September 13, with pre-orders starting 5am Pacific Time. On September 20, Apple’s smartphone will officially be launched.


Samantha Wiley

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