iPhone 11 Pro Drop Test Video Reveals Different Results


A drop test video by Tom’s Guide concerning the iPhone 11 Pro’s glass display showed different results.

iPhone 11 Pro Drop Test Video Reveals Different Results

The footage, captured outside the Fifth Avenue Apple Store and in front of bemused customers standing in line, showed the iPhone 11 Pro being dropped at hip height.

The iPhone hit the ground at near-parallel position, where the bottom right part first made contact and caused the top left to slam to the pavement. The display shattered in about 3 places and experienced hairline cracks running across the screen.

The same iPhone was dropped on its back, and after two instances there wasn’t any noticeable crack or scratches. A shoulder-level drop caused cracks at the front of the already-damaged device.

Another test was shown from a YouTube channel. EverythingApplePro tested the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for its glass screen durability by dropping it from the shoulder and waist level. The front and back glass on both models finally shattered when dropped ten feet high.

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