iPhone 11 Pro Video Shared by Star Wars Filmmaker

Rian Johnson, a professional filmmaker who has worked in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movies has shared a quick footage shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. But unlike other ads and videos that use high-end and expensive stabilization kits and cinematography lenses, Johnson’s film doesn’t use any other equipment and is still impressive to say the least.

Johnson created the video, which he titled Paris 9/19 showing a multitude of travel shots in Paris. It’s accompanied by lively piano music and is only about two minutes long.

On Twitter, Johnson says that he found it liberating and that the whole experience reminds him to occasionally make something unique. George Nolfi, writer of Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s 12, was given the same task and made a short comedy titled ‘Tough Crowd’ about a kid playing soccer trying to impress onlookers. Nolfi mentioned that he liked the idea of having 3 lenses and said that the project had a hybrid production feel to it.

Both videos are available on Vimeo.

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