iPhone 11 smart battery case gets an iFixit teardown

The new Smart Battery case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro debuted last week, promising to add 50% more juice to the new iPhone models.

Creative Electron and iFixit do a deeper dive into the official battery case to check out the product’s innards, with an x-ray to see the near button camera’s mechanism and the components found within.

iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case Gets an iFixit Teardown
iPhone 11 smart battery case in X-ray
iPhone 11 smart battery case in X-ray view

The new case sports a camera button found at the right side. When pressed, it either opens the camera or takes a photo. When held, the button performs a QuickTake video. It’s a bit recessed to prevent accidental presses when in your pocket or bag.

The x-ray reveals that the button is connected via flexible circuitry within the case. In addition, the board connects the camera to the Lightning port which is found at the case’s bottom. Other notable components include a 10.9v battery, the internal circuitry and the inductive charging coil.