An iPhone 11 took a seven-meter dive into a lake and was still working when it was retrieved a week later.

iPhone 11

In Brazil, a student saved a drowning woman and discovered his phone was missing after. G1 reported that Breno Rafael jumped into the lake and got the drowning person to shore, but suffered a lost iPhone in the process. One week later, a social media post revealed that a diving instructor found the iPhone and was looking for the owner. Rafael responded and was reunited with his iPhone 11, which was still functioning after being submerged for so long.

Newer iPhone models are rated IP68 in waterproof rating, which allows the devices to be submerged for up to 30 minutes six meters deep before failing. However, there are some cases when the seal lasts longer than expected. The iPhone 11 is rated to survive 30 minutes of water at two meters.


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