iPhone 12 gets dual SIM 5G on iOS 14.5

Apple has recently made its iOS 14.5 beta available to download to developers, and a new feature that immediately stood out was that dual 5G is enabled for iPhone 12 models.

The iPhone 12 lineup has support for digital eSIM and physical SIM card and allows for dual standby dual SIM mode, which essentially makes the phone get two simultaneous lines of service in one. This feature is useful for those who want to have a business and personal line on a single iPhone, or those who are traveling abroad and require data.

Until today, one SIM had to be limited to LTE but the release of iOS 14.5 unlocks 5G speed on both.

Apple has announced that iOS 14.5 is set to be released early spring, which means the target date is March. Apple previously promised that Dual SIM 5G will become available before 2020 ends, but it looks like it’s been delayed for a few months.

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