iPhone 12 grabs top spot in 5G mobile list

Just two weeks after the iPhone 12 was launched the Apple product became the number 1 bestseller in the 5G smartphone list for the month of October.

The two-week window ended up with Apple iPhone 12 to become the number 12 bestseller of 5G phones between January to October this year.

iPhone 12

The second bestselling 5G mobile was the iPhone 12 Pro, with the third being the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Ultimately, both iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 garnered approximately a fourth of total 5G mobile phone sales for October.

It’s believed that the strong sales were due to the demand for a 5G device within iOS userbase and promotions from US carriers, which amounted to more than a third of iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 sales. Also, the iPhone has a wider market coverage compared to other 5G devices.

The sales contributed to mmWave-capable device penetration from 5 to 12 percent in September to October.