iPhone 12 in purple sold with randomized serial numbers


Apple’s plan to start randomizing its devices’ serial numbers have begun with the launch of the purple iPhone 12.

iPhone 12

This policy may expand to other Apple products as mentioned in an internal email. AppleCare service providers were told that the new serial number format will be the standard moving forward and hides manufacturing information.

Before, Apple used a string of numbers that showed where the product was produced and when, and also its configuration and designation. However, the Cupertino-based company wanted a randomization with a timeline that was supposed to start 2020 but has been delayed to 2021.

The new random alphanumeric strings now appear in Apple’s latest iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 in purple was announced during the ‘Spring Loaded’ event and launched this month. However, the AirTag, Apple’s tracking device still has the legacy serial number strings.

It’s expected that Apple will continue with the random serial numbers for its refreshed Apple TV 4K, the 24 inch Mac and the 2021 iPad Pro.


Samantha Wiley

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