iPhone 12 leads 5G Smartphone boom in Japan

The iPhone 12 has proven to be a hit in Japan and led the country in a 5G boom.

In 2020, Apple launched four models with 5G, which was well-received in the region. 5G usage has increased, according to MM Research Institute and sales of the iPhone 12 went up 16.9 percent, or roughly 32 millions units compared to previous year.

iPhone 12

11 million 5G iPhones were shipped in Japan, or a 4,000 percent increase from 269,000 smartphones in 2019. Market share has increased to 33.6 percent due to the exceptional adoption rate.

The data suggests that Apple is the number 1 company in Japan’s smartphone market. It’s expected that popularity will continue to rise this year, with 5G adoption rate climbing ever higher until March next year.

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 13, which may have faster mmWave bands outside the US and fill in the void for those who want faster data speeds.