iPhone 12 molds leaked

The twitter user @Jin_Store shared several images showing physical molds and CAD renders of the alleged iPhone 12. The user shared several images that give a further look into what would be the design of the iPhone 12 lineup.

iPhone 12 molds

The case makers use these physical molds and CAD drawings to prepare the accessories before the launch of the phone. These are phone schematics that are leaked by third-party case manufacturers, so the chance is that the details may not be exact.

iPhone 12 design leak

The molds show that these new iPhones will have flat edges like iPad Pro, as the rumors have suggested. The design is also similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It also seems that Apple looks to extend the same design in several products. Another recent rumor also suggested that the new iMac will also have a similar flat-edged design.

The images show all of the four iPhone 12 models that are rumored to be released by Apple later this year. The same user also posted CAD renders of the same models. The design shown in the CAD drawings is also is in line with other leaks. Also, there seems to be no Time of Flight sensor on the back. It is expected that Apple will begin the production of its new iPhone 12 lineup next month.