iPhone 12 Pro Max US sales soar in Q2 2021

Research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reveals that the iPhone 12 models, particularly the iPhone 12 Pro Max finished the quarter strong in terms of sales.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max matched the iPhone 11 for largest share at 23 percent. On the other end, the iPhone XR and iPhone 12 mini received small shares at 5 percent. All four iPhone 12 garnered a total of 63% in terms of US iPhone sales for the Q2 period.

CIRP mentioned that consumer spending increased as pandemic-related restrictions were eased in the country and more people went to retail stores.

iPhone 12 Pro Max US sales 2021

iPhone average selling price improved because of the trend, going to $869 for the June quarter this year. Apple had a higher iPhone sales on both online and physical store fronts. Around 27 percent of US iPhone sales were done through Apple, an 8% rise from the previous September 2020 quarter figures.

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