iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner can measure a person’s height

Apple’s newest iPhone can tell you how tall a person is using the LiDAR Scanner technology.

One thing that’s new about the iPhone 12 Pro is its LiDAR Scanner, which allows the user to experience new AR aspects. Other than that, it comes with useful features such as being able to tell how tall a person is via the Measure app.

iPhone 12 Pro's LiDAR Scanner

Opening the Measure app and pointing the camera reveals the subject’s height starting on the ground and up to the hair, hat or head. A line appears at the subject’s head and with it the height measurement, either in centimeters or inches as set in the app’s preferences.

A shutter button at the corner allows the user to share the photo with height measurement included to that individual.

The height measurement feature is limited to LiDAR Scanner-supported devices, which include the 2020 iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.