iPhone 12 repair requires a special display removal machine

Fixing an iPhone 12 apparently requires a heated display removal fixture, which is being provided to authorized service providers and Genius Bars.

Technicians will need to put the iPhone 12 in a tray and put the tray inside a high-temperature platform to warm the adhesive to open it up. The display can then be removed via suction cup.

iPhone 12

The reason for the heat is probably due to the iPhone 12’s flat-edge design. The iPhone 12 lineup also has an IP68 water resistance which could mean a stronger adhesive.

Opening up the iPhone 12 without the special equipment is possible given the teardown videos online. In similar news, out of warranty repair for the new iPhone 12 is $279 for a broken screen and $69 for battery replacements. The repair costs are $449 and $549 for cracked rear glass on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, respectively.

iPhone 12 owners can set up a repair schedule by going to the official support page on Apple.com.