Two new Apple ads have surfaced online and highlight the iPhone 13 in terms of durability and battery life.

iPhone 13 Durability and Battery Life Highlighted

‘Doin’ Laps’ is a video about a kid riding his bike around the neighborhood and filming himself using an iPhone 13. Viewers see that the video duration is already five-plus hours long, and there’s plenty to spare. The video is set to the music of OT Genesis’ ‘I Look Good’.

‘Run Baby Run’ is a video about a toddler who has grabbed an iPhone 13 and is running around the house. The smartphone gets stepped on, put into a sink, hits a piano and gets dropped- at the end, the video says that the iPhone 13 is ‘toddler resistant’ due to its Ceramic Shield’ feature. The video is set to the music of Leikeli47’s ‘Chitty Bang’.

Both videos are now available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel and are about a minute in length.


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