iPhone 13 experiences ‘Robust’ demand

Sales of Apple’s newest flagship phones remain brisk, with the quarter recording an ever-increasing adoption and upgrade rate.

In the recent earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone 13 has a ‘robust demand’ while supply chain inventory is still lacking. Specifically, the number of former Android users switching to the iPhone is growing in double digits.

Historically, iPhone owner base usually picks the Pro version early and gravitates towards the cheaper versions as the models move forward in time. As the iPhone 13 is just a month old, the numbers aren’t sufficient enough to form a trend.

Supply for premium tech products remain low, and the current trend sees Apple struggling with demands. Revenue might be stunted as a result due to supply chain complexities.

The iPhone 13 was announced during the ‘California Streaming’ event in September, alongside the Apple Watch Series 7, iPad and the iPad mini.

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