iPhone 13 Pro Max unboxing appears online

The first video of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has surfaced online on YouTube. SalimBaba Technical has uploaded a 3-minute video of Apple’s newest smartphone and its new gold color for those who are interested in getting the model.

iPhone 13 embargoes are still in place but early videos of it are already seen on the internet. Salimbaba’s video isn’t in English but viewers will be able to observe the new packaging and the phone in action.

At first glance the packaging looks to be similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max sans the outer plastic wrap. There are now 2 pull tabs at the back to remove the tape that holds it together. Inside, the components are mostly the same- there’s the stickers, USB-C cable and sim removal tool, as well as a white paper to show where the power, volume and mute buttons are.

The unboxing video currently has more than 120k views and counting.

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