Apple’s newest flagship device, especially its screen, is believed to be ‘harder to repair’ by third party firms.

iPhone 13’s screen

The iPhone 13’s screen design is markedly different from its predecessors, and third party repair shops may have a more difficult time switching it out as it could affect the device’s Face ID feature.

A broken screen is quite common among smartphone users, and this usually requires a trip to the manufacturer or third party repair center. For the iPhone 13, it seems that the best solution to a cracked screen is a trip to the nearest Apple Store or on any of its authorized repair partners.

A genuine screen component is required for a broken display, or else Face ID won’t work according to Phone Repair Guru. A notification will pop-up that says the user is not using a genuine part, which then leads to the Face ID issue. Furthermore, connected components such as the ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and microphone might be affected.


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