iPhone 14 Plus set to launch in 20-Plus Countries October 14

The iPhone 14 Plus is expected to launch in more than 20 countries following its debut in Australia and New Zealand today.

Apple announced that the iPhone 14 Plus will be arriving in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Turkey, and 20 other regions beginning October 14, followed by Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil on October 28. The newest addition to the iPhone lineup features a 6.7-inch display, longer battery life compared to the iPhone 14, improved cameras, a removable back panel, and better repairability. Inside is an A15 Bionic chip and a component that allows satellite emergency texting in Canada and the US.

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 Plus also has new features inherent with the iPhone 14 lineup, specifically Car Crash Detection. Prices for the iPhone 14 Plus start at $899 in the US and is $100 more than the base price tag of the iPhone 14. Starting Friday, it can be bought at Apple Stores and Apple.com.