iPhone 15 gray and blue rumors surface

Online rumors surrounding a range of gray, black, and blue iPhone 15 color schemes have surfaced.

@URedditor has posted information on the X platform that Apple might forego the gold color in lieu of blue, gray, and black. This claim has been echoed in an online Apple news publication as well. Unknown sources say that Apple will offer silver, space black, natural titanium gray, and blue colors for the iPhone 15 lineup.

iPhone 15

It’s worth noting that Apple only had the natural silver titanium and space black for the Apple Watch Series 7. The leaks suggest that Apple has moved towards a new shift in terms of material, with pro models leaning towards muted colors. A few months back it was believed that the iPhone 15 Pro would have a dark red color. Apple’s choice to rotate gold out of offerings can lead to a loss of customers.

The iPhone 15 is expected to be announced in the fall season.