iPhone 15 may lack physical SIM slot

The upcoming iPhone 15 lineup won’t have a slot for a physical SIM card, according to Blog do iPhone, a Brazilian website.

The iPhone 13 supports both digital eSIM and nano-SIM slots, while the report says that the iPhone 15 won’t have a physical SIM slot, but instead can support up to two eSIMs for dual SIM functionality.

Having dual eSIMs allows users to have two service lines, one for data only plans and the other for cellular purposes. In terms of integrity, the lack of a SIM slot equals improved water resistance. However, for regions that do not have eSIM technology some iPhone 15 models might be forced to have them.

In line with this there are rumors that Apple will be going with a portless iPhone in the future. Since it’s still about two years until the iPhone 15 launches it’s best to take the rumors with a grain of salt.

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