iPhone 15 might have Vision Pro ‘Spatial Photos’

Apple might be thinking of integrating the iPhone to take spatial videos and photos that integrate with the Vision Pro headset.

According to a leaker on the social media platform Weibo, Apple will have an iPhone Ultra version that can handle spatial photographs and videos. The leaker further ventured that the model would ‘make the market rethink what kind of photos and videos a phone should take’, hinting and the advanced photo-capturing technology.


The Vision Pro is believed to have several outward-facing sensors to capture data points such as depth maps, and inward-facing sensors for the front view. Being that spatial videography and photography relies on multiple sensors to set the distance, to which the Vision Pro is perfectly suited.

For this to happen, Apple might have to add extra sensors to the iPhone Ultra to achieve the separation effect. Apple is not unfamiliar with the technology, which makes the rumor plausible.