iPhone 15 Pro in new shade of blue rumored

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will have a new, darker blue color option, according to a leak.

According to ‘Unknownz21’, Apple will be releasing a darker blue option for its iPhone 15 Pro. Apparently, the new shade will have an underlying gray undertone to match the titanium frame that’s expected for the model. The leaker said that the color will be similar to the iPhone 12 Pro blue, which was dubbed ‘Pacific Blue’, but darker and have a more obvious gray tone.

iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro in blue will be launched alongside familiar color options, including ‘titanium gray, ‘silver’, and ‘space gray’. The claim, however, comes with a clause, with the leaker saying that Apple is ‘still testing things’ and that the dark blue color may not surface in the end.

There were also rumors of a dark red color option for the iPhone 15 Pro, but ‘Unknownz21’ said that there were no signs of the color appearing on prototype units.