iPhone 15 Pro models to be lighter and thicker

Uncovered data points to the fact that the upcoming iPhone Pro models will be slightly thicker and lighter compared to its iPhone 14 counterparts.

A MacRumors report claims that the iPhone 15 non-Pro lineup will sport the same thickness, albeit slightly wider and longer. The newer phone is believed to be lighter by a single gram. Some say that since the iPhone 15 has pretty much the same dimensions that iPhone 14 users can simply swap out their cases when they buy the new model. However, Pro users might need to spring for a new case.

iPhone 15 Pro

According to the leak, the Pro model will be shorter and narrower, as well as thicker and lighter by approximately 1.8 grams. The Pro Max version will be the same, dimension-wise and will have a 221 gram weight. As for the materials, the Pro versions will have grade 5 titanium and have the same form factor.