iPhone 15 Pro Thunderbolt cable could be added as separate purchase

A new leak suggests that a Thunderbolt cable could be sold as an add-on for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

On X social media, @KosutamiSan claims that Apple will sell a 0.8-meter cable as an optional accessory for the iPhone 15 Pro. The USB 4 Gen 2 accessory can produce 150W and is different from the existing Thunderbolt cable lineup. The leaker said that the cable would act as a data transfer cable, which means the included cable for the phone might be just for charging purposes.

iPhone 15

An earlier rumor suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro will have a USB cable for charging, which has always been the staple. The move is a marketing ploy for consumers who will have to purchase an accessory for data transfers. The leaker surfaced with a lot of claims recently, including DVTs, or manufacturing test products.

The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to launch this fall.