iPhone 15 sparks hiring spree in Foxconn China

The upcoming iPhone 15 is believed to be the reason for the mass hiring of Foxconn in China.

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 15 lineup this fall, with Foxconn expected to have the bulk of production. The South China Morning Post recently said that the Apple partner is on a hiring spree, offering bonuses to former employees who ‘return regularly to the assembly line for peak seasons’ in a job posting. Other bonuses include referrals and another monetary bonus for its Shenzen factory.

iPhone 15

The demand for production remains strong in the region despite Apple making moves to outsource to other countries. Just recently, it was reported that panel orders for the new iPhone will be double compared to the iPhone 14. In similar news, Apple might be concentrating on its iPhone 15 Pro after demand for its predecessor ‘exceeded expectations’. The iPhone 15 lineup will be revealed in the fall season.