iPhone 4 Bursts into Flames and Was Captured on Video

Footage of an iPhone 4 catching fire as it was being charged overnight has been making rounds on the internet.

Brian & Jennifer Leisgang recently shared a video of the iPhone 4 combusting on Facebook. The footage was from a Google Home product that was on always record mode. Detailing the experience, the family said that they were lucky that the iPhone 4 did not cause a house fire. They said that their kids charged the device overnight, which led to an explosion while they were sleeping.

iPhone 4

In the video, the iPhone 4 burst into flames but eventually died down by itself. The Leisgang family said that the kitchen counter was recently cleaned off of papers and school books.

The iPhone 4 fire can be due to several reasons, including an expanding battery, manufacturer defects, a third-party charger, and possible overheating. The decades-old iPhone 4 may also be a factor in terms of battery care.