iPhone 5c is now classified as Vintage

Apple today has put the iPhone 5c model under the ‘Vintage‘ category, which means tech support for the device is now limited.

According to the Cupertino-based company, a device is put under the ‘vintage’ umbrella when it has not been sold for 5 years or more. The rule applies to Apple products such as the Apple TV, iPod, iPad, Mac and iPhone, as well as accessories.

Apple is still offering tech support for devices under the ‘Vintage’ classification, but owners will need to visit authorized service providers and Apple Stores to get them.

The iPhone 5c was one of the most colorful iPhones Apple has had. It was offered as a budget-friendly model for the iPhone 5 and sports a 4 inch LCD screen, 8MP rear camera and an A6 processor. The body material is plastic and available in 5 colors, namely yellow, pink, green, blue and white.

The iPhone 5c is set to become ‘Obsolete’ in 2022.

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