Apple’s Official iPhone 13 Silicone MagSafe Cases are $21 Off

Grab your favorite case color and at a cheaper price with this latest deal. Today, the Official iPhone 13 Silicone MagSafe Cases are down to just $28 from their original price of $49 on Amazon.

The promo has a number of different MagSafe silicone cases for you. There’s a deal for every iPhone 13 model, with similar discounts on checkout.

iPhone 13

As far as build quality is concerned you won’t have to worry about the colorful case losing its hue or turning dull in a short time. Silicone absorbs shocks and drops quite well, and can take scratches and dings in stride too.

MagSafe support means you’ll be able to snap on a MagSafe charger without having to remove the case. Inside is a microfiber lining to cradle your smartphone, and outside the silicone material provides extra grip.

The case has holes for other essential functions, such as the power button, speakers, charging port and rear camera. Buy it today!