Fake iPhone 15 leather cases appear online

Rumors about a non-leather case for the iPhone 15 is gaining steam after leaked photos appear on social media.

Weibo images have leaked showing iPhone 15 cases in fake leather, complete with a MagSafe ring, Apple branding, and soft lining. Leaker Majin Bu said that the fake leather case schematics include Purple, Blue, Green, Gray, and Black, and the case will have a ‘different texture’ with several color variations.

iPhone 15 Leather Cases

A rumor started in August about Apple abandoning leather material for its upcoming smartphone cases. The company sold leather cases for the iPhone 14, but apparently, the trend will end for the iPhone 15. Majin Bu added that the cases will have different shades but ‘remain faithful’ to the original.

As for the material, it’s believed to be a woven texture to simulate leather but has a more eco-friendly aspect. Other products, like AirTag loops, iPhone leather wallets, and Apple Watch straps may soon follow.