iPhone 15 USB-C cables rumored to have color matching

Several leaks point to Apple changing its USB-C cable to match the color of the iPhone 15 model.

X leaker MajinBuOfficial posted several photos on social media, saying that they’re ‘supposed to be iPhone 15 USB-C cables’, but then admitted that the photos were found online. Furthermore, the poster doubted the source of the original image and couldn’t find a way to trace it back.

iPhone 15 USB-C Cables

Shown in the photos were three different-colored cables, which had a silicone sheath, a USB-C connector, and a braided exterior. The gray and pink had a white connection while the black cable had a black connector. Another leaker, KosutamiSan revealed an image of a box full of USB-C cables. Here, the leaker said that they were ‘iPhone 15 Pro USB-C cable DVT samples’, but it came only in black.

A follow-up tweet revealed that instead of ‘scrubbed surface’ for the connector, it now comes in ‘polished glass shell.’