Spigen’s Optik Armor Case is the Perfect Fit for Your iPhone 14 and Now Only $24

Still rocking a naked iPhone 14? It’s time to give your investment some love and protection with a premium case. Today, the Spigen Optik Armor MagFit Case is down to just $24.29 from its original price of $60 on Amazon.

Spigen’s iPhone 14 case offers the same level of physical protection as rugged armor, sans the bulk and pocket-friendliness. The dimensions are slim enough that your iPhone 14 will still look amazing while staving off everyday wear and tear. Military grade and air cushion technology provides anti-shock capabilities, while a matte surface offers comfort and fingerprint resistance with enhanced grip.

Spigen Optik Armor

The case also has a unique camera protection feature for privacy and to shutter it off whenever it’s not being used. At the end of the day, the Spigen Optik Armor is the case you’d want for your new iPhone 14. At just $24, you should definitely buy it today!