Splash for a Mujjo iPhone 14 Leather Case at 35% Off

It could be high time to change from a beaten iPhone case to a brand new one. Today, the Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe Case for iPhone 14 Pro is down to just $35.16 from its original price of $55 on Amazon. Remember to tick the on-page coupon for the new price to reflect.

Mujjo offers full case protection with premium materials and quality of life features. Leather wraps your iPhone 14 Pro and supports MagSafe charging so you don’t have to remove it every time. Metal buttons make for better tactile feedback, and the inside is Japanese microfiber to ensure there won’t be any micro abrasions while your smartphone nestles inside.

Mujjo iPhone 14 Leather Case

It’s worth noting that the leather is gold-rated according to environmental standards and vegetable tanned. Plus, there aren’t any edges exposed and you’ll be able to use your iPhone 14 to take photos, charge, make calls, and more. Get the discounted Mujjo iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case today!