iPhone bulk buyer robbed at Apple Fifth Avenue

New York 1010Wins Radio reported that a man who bought 300 iPhones was robbed of the devices when he left Apple Fifth Avenue.

The unnamed individual bought 300 iPhone 13 units and put them in three bags before heading out. It was about 2 in the morning. A car pulled alongside his and two men jumped out, demanding that the iPhone buyer hand over the goods. Understandably, the guy fought and was subsequently punched before the robbers took the bags and left.


Apple Fifth Avenue said that the man often went to the store and made bulk purchases in the location. He said that it was to resell them through his shop. The reason why he bought all those iPhone 13 units at 2 in the morning is not clear, and the NYPD is currently on the case.

Apple Fifth Avenue is open 24/7 and allows early morning purchases from customers.