iPhone discovered in Taiwan lake following drought

An iPhone 11 Pro has been discovered following a drought in a Taiwan lake.

Last year in March a man named ‘Chen’ lost his Apple phone when he was out in the Sun Moon Lake. He had his iPhone 11 Pro around his neck wrapped in a pouch but lost them when he fell multiple times in the water.

A year later in April 2021 Chen received a message that his smartphone was dredged up after the worst drought in Taiwan made it clearly visible in the dry bed.

The pouch was ruined but the iPhone 11 Pro was perfectly preserved. After charging Chen mentioned that the mobile device was working normally.

Chen said he’s happy with the waterproof case and for having gotten back his iPhone after losing it for a year.

Recently an iPhone 11 was found in a lake in Canada and was returned to its owner. A woman got back her iPhone that was dropped in a Saskatchewan lake last month.

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