iPhone Emergency SOS credited for stopping an attempted assault

The iPhone has a feature called Emergency SOS, which alerts emergency services to the device’s location. Today, it’s been credited to prevent a sexual assault from occurring.

A woman from Virginia Beach was saved by her iPhone when she activated Emergency SOS. On Sunday at around 2 am, she was ready to go home and take an Uber when a man approached, asking for help. After seeing how the man didn’t have a clue on how to use the ‘find my iPhone’ she tried to run away but failed.

iPhone Emergency SOS

iPhone Emergency SOS

This was the moment she activated the Emergency SOS on her iPhone by pressing the down volume and power at the same time. Dispatch sent law enforcement officers near the beachfront and soon found her. The man took off but was apprehended.

The Emergency SOS feature is also available on the Apple Watch. Users can press and hold the side button to activate it.

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