iPhone gets new ‘Test Alerts’ Toggle

Apple has inserted a button for iPhone users to receive test emergency alerts in iOS 16 beta and iOS 15.6.

Currently, the toggle is only enabled for iPhones that have a US-based carrier. Turning it on gives the user test emergency alerts as sent by the US government. Incidentally, if an Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone the device will receive and display it as well.


Those interested can check out and activate the new feature. It can be found in Settings, Notifications and Government Alerts. Keep in mind that ‘test alerts’ is disabled by default, and iPhone users will need to manually toggle it to get the alerts.

Previous iOS versions allow test alerts by having a special profile, or by dialing a code. The new toggle makes it easier for users to get emergency alerts and enable them within the Settings app. Apple has updated Apple Watch and iPhone support documents with more information.