iPhone remains strong seller despite global smartphone slowdown

Apple’s flagship phone remains a strong product amid a struggling global market.

Canalys recently published a worldwide smartphone market report, detailing a 10% drop in total shipments that were around 258.2 million for Q2. The rate of decline has slowed down from 269.8 million units in Q1. Canalys put Samsung at the top with 53 million units, followed by Apple at 43 million units accounting for a 17% share of the market.


Xiaomi is number three with 33.2 million units, while the fourth place was given to OPPO with 25.2 million units. Canalys analyst Amber Liu said that the market has narrowed and shows signs of recovery in certain regions. There’s also a note of Samsung adopting a conservative strategy while facing slow semiconductor recovery.

Liu says that the moderate decline will continue this year, and new players will have a vital role in the industry’s future.