Should you buy the iPhone SE in 2019?

Apple unveiled the iPhone SE in early 2016 as a mini version of the flagship iPhone 6S. It used the iPhone 5S’ body fused with Apple A9 chip – a Frankenstein device. The phone was initially priced at $399 but it could soon be found for cheaper at online stores. So should you buy an iPhone SE in 2019?

Nothing beats the design and construction when it comes to a compact phone. No smartphone manufacturer makes phones which can be used with one hand. The iPhone SE has a 4″ screen with and it’s easily one of the best phones to throw in the pocket and forget about it (until somebody texts or calls).

iPhone SE


Should you buy the iPhone SE in 2019?

The screen on the iPhone SE is fantastic, even by today’s standards. It being a 4″ panel, it doesn’t require a high resolution; the tiny display maintains a great ppi (pixel per inch) count, delivering fantastic colors for day-to-day use. However, if you’re a display nerd and like everything 4K, then you should look elsewhere. Also, it’s one of the budget phones which is perfectly usable under direct sunlight; the display gets sufficiently bright.


The camera on the iPhone SE is just plain amazing. If you’re looking for a budget phone with a “no compromise camera”, then iPhone SE is your best choice. With many Android phones offering dual-camera setup and triple-camera setup on their budget devices, nothing beats the 12 megapixel shooter found on the iPhone SE. 

Should you buy the iPhone SE in 2019?
Picture clicked on the iPhone SE

The picture quality is perfect under sufficiently lit conditions – with good colours and contrast. The Nokia 6.1 Plus, Samsung Galaxy M20 which are sold at almost the same price as the iPhone SE fail in terms of camera performance. However, in the dark, the iPhone SE does struggle a little, due to its old sensor but Sit’s not bad for the price.

At the same time, the front camera on the iPhone SE is not great. Well, the opinion may differ – for casual photos, it’s perfectly fine but then transfer it to your desktop, you start to see pixels. Overall, the front camera is not bad for casual Snapchatting.

iPhone SE or an Android Phone?

Should you buy the iPhone SE in 2019?

The iPhone SE is a great phone if you can find it for sub $200. It is also scheduled to receive the iOS 13 update which brings “dark mode” and  improves the general performance of the phone.