iPhone SE teardown reveals similarities between iPhone SE and iPhone 8


Earlier iFixit shared a full teardown video of the new iPhone SE. The teardown confirms that there the iPhone SE has many similar components as iPhone 8. These components which are similar to iPhone 8 include a battery, display, Taptic Engine, SIM tray, cameras, and many more.

iPhone SE

According to iFixit, the iPhone SE has a similar 8 MP camera sensor as that of the iPhone 8. The improvement that the new SE has is the inclusion of A13’s improved image signal processor. This new iPhone also has the same 7MP camera sensor as in iPhone 8. 

The display on both phones is also quite similar. The only difference is that there is no 3D touch in the new iPhone SE. According to the tests done by iFixit on the new iPhone, it reveals that the 3D touch is disabled at the software level. 

iFixit also mentions that the Taptic Engine and the SIM Tray are also identical and swappable in both the devices. Another similarity between the two phones is the 1,821 mAh battery capacity. The report mentions that the batteries do look the same but these are not swappable. The logic board of the battery on both the batteries is different. Although there are many similar components, not all of them are swappable. 

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