iPhone SE to contain world’s first Low-carbon aluminium


Apple’s low-cost iPhone will be made using aluminum sourced from carbon-free technology.

iPhone SE

Launched in 2019, Apple’s Green Bond project has produced a new smelting process that can produce aluminum without resulting in harmful carbon emissions. Apple VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson says that the company is committed to environmental efforts to ‘leave the planet better than we found it’ in an official statement.

Jackson continued by saying that their investments are to create innovative technologies to reduce carbon footprint, and moving towards renewable and recyclable materials to conserve Earth’s resources.

The aluminum needed for the iPhone SE will be sourced from Elysis, the company behind the ‘world’s first direct carbon-free aluminum smelting process’. Furthermore, Elysis will be powering up its aluminum production using hydropower at its Quebec-based Industrial Research and Development Center.

Research for carbon-free technology was completed thanks to the partnership with the Quebec and Canada governments, as well as Rio Tinto and Alcoa.

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