Apple has officially launched its self-service repair program for the iPhone.

iPhone Self Service Repair Program

The iPhone Self Service Repair is now available for customers who wish to repair their own smartphones. A dedicated store serves to sell iPhone replacement parts for device owners.

The self-repair program was initially announced in November last year, with more details about the platform a few months after. Apple says that initially only replacement parts for the iPhone will be available but will slowly expand to have parts for Mac computers.

However, not all iPhones are supported- only the iPhone 12, 3rd generation iPhone SE and iPhone 13 parts are currently available.

Apple sells bundles and repair types, for example, security screws, a screw kit and a battery for those who wish to replace their old iPhone batteries. Individual elements may also be ordered, as well as parts for repairing the display, camera, bottom speaker, Taptic Engine and SIM tray.


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