iPhone still works even after spending three days under the Idaho river

An iPhone was recovered at the bottom of the Idaho River still sounding off as it was retrieved.

Tom Adams, a frequent visitor had capsized on his kayak June 12 and lost his iPhone, wallet, fishing pole and keys to the river. When it was found 3 days later the smartphone device still worked to the amazement of the owner.


Details of the iPhone, particularly the model was not disclosed but divers apparently found it beside Adams’ fishing pole and keys. The recovery operation was done by the Bingham County Search and Rescue Dive Team.

The current down at the Snake River was strong, and at first it was believed that the items would not be found. However, a diver recovered Adams’ keys and iPhone just 20 minutes at the beginning of the search.

Adams and family thanked the divers and said they were impressed and grateful of their action.